Dogs of Bend, Oregon {Bend Oregon Pet Photographer}

>I am always looking for a new ‘photo of the day’ for my Facebook page – I LOVE BEND OR.
I really enjoy capturing a dogs endless energy and happiness. Not being a dog owner myself, I am lucky to enjoy Bend’s wide variety of dogs where ever I go.

Recently I got thinking how fun it would be to gather and capture some Bend doggies.
So last week I posted how I wanted to shoot some local dogs. Due to the abundance of dog and dog lovers in Bend, I very quickly had 10 dogs signed up.

Last Saturday afternoon  I meet up with these dogs and their parents, with my camera, a reflector and some props. I was a little concerned with how the dogs would behave and how they would react with one another. It all flowed perfectly, some went off for a walk and others just enjoyed checking each other out. I think lots dog treats did the trick too!
I photographed all the dogs in about an 1 1/2 hours, I probably insulted them when I called them by the wrong name or called them a she instead of a he.
I had so much fun, each dog is beautiful in their own special way, loved by their owners and fortunate to live in Bend, Oregon.

It brings me great pleasure to know that the dogs parents will have some special photos to cherish in the future.


Miss Juice the runner
Hass gave me endless smiles.
Cora, at 11 weeks was too young to know the command sit. I learnt that Corgi pups ears droop and lift up as they  get older.
Joey the Pomeranian, h wasn’t too sure about my big camera. It worked, he sat still and stared!
Sweet Maggie
Betty the Bull Dog, who would do anything.
Miss Valentine
I think he is looking at a treat in his Mom’s hand.
Jag relaxing
a wise look from Jag
had to do this to Jag
Bray Bear came all bathed, can’t you tell?

  • SnookieJ - January 30, 2011 - 5:43 pm

    >That was SO much fun last weekend Jill! It was great to get out with other dog owners and just enjoy watching you interact with all the dogs you shot photos of. Betty, had the most fun. When I showed her the pictures you took of her, she seemed very happy as her little 'bun' tail wagged with joy* Hope to see her picture in the Art Walk next week. She is a star!
    Thanks again for a fun time*

  • Helen - February 11, 2011 - 1:10 pm

    >Here Patton, here boy! You must be hiding again! Love these, Jill!ReplyCancel

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