Why am I so passionate about being a Professional Photographer? {Bend OR, Portrait Photographer}

I just came across this interesting blog contest requiring me to answer “WHY you’re so passionate about the photography business and your job as a professional photographer and write about this via a recent photo you have taken”.

Here I go…..

This is officially the most recent photo I have taken, about 4 hours ago and it will be the 701 photo that I have shared on my facebook page –  I LOVE BEND OR.

While spinning frantically on a bike this morning I decided I would go search out a local and unique camel called ‘Bubbles’ who I meet over 10 years ago about 30 minutes from my home town Bend OR.

It is ironic that the first time I  meet Bubbles I was unaware I would be on this current and very exciting creative path called PHOTOGRAPHY. All my life I wondered what I was suppose to be and do  –  a belief I was conditioned with  and then I turned 40.  YES,  life does begin at 40!

A ‘light’ went off  when I discovered my passion for photography. Photography enables me to tap into my creativity whenever I want and go to a pleasurable happy place and get refueled. Photography has in a sense made me complete. Seeing Bubbles today  was no accident nor was finding this contest. I am now a different person and I think  Bubbles  sensed that when she saw  me appear with my  camera in hand.

Bubbles and I chatted for a bit, meet eyes and  connected in a way where all other aspects of life get pushed aside  – ‘I was in the moment‘ just like I feel I do with all my subjects whether it be a beautiful place, person or an animal.

The below photo is powerful for me as Bubbles eyes are a reflection of where I was and where I am now.  I smile as I  feel Bubbles  beauty in this image.

Thanks Bubbles,  so glad I found you again!



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