JOHN BUTLER TRIO LIVE IN BEND OREGON by Bend Oregon Portrait Photographer

It  was  a special treat for me last night in Bend to photograph the passionate international band John Butler Trio.   All the way from Australia  and almost at the end of their north american tour JBT put on a show  that warmed peoples hearts and raised the vibration of a very happy crowd.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered John Butler and his wife Danielle splashing  in the pool with their two adorable kids.  Their laid back and friendly demeanor  is definitely one of their many qualities on and off the stage. It was enjoyable to  hear  fellow down under accents  and  to meet John and his family.

Danielle was JBT’s  opening act and was dressed in a vibrant floral dress that flowed with her voice. Check out  her band –  Mama Kin.

As the sun was setting  John and his band came on stage and  did what they are most passionate about and went into a place of creation.  I also got to do the same.

For two hours I was finding endless angles and moments to capture. When shooting a band I love to use my favorite lens  – the canon 70-200 IS L series  on my canon 5d mark 11 body.  These together weigh about 6-7 pounds. After two hours of solid shooting my arms got a good workout.

While behind the camera my mind clears,  my heart opens and I am truly in a place where there is no where else I would rather be. I guess this could be the feeling John Butler has too. I certainly could feel this through my lens.

If you didn’t make it to the show I hope these images I captured will give you a sense of what you missed.

Go check out John Butler Trio and connect with their music. Trust me you will feel it and love it.




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