Dr. Jane Goodall is coming to Bend. {Bend Oregon Portrait Photographer)

If you live in Bend you may  be aware that on October 8th we will be having the opportunity to see Jane Goodall.

We must thank our local wildlife sanctuary – Chimps Inc for bringing Jane Goodall to Bend.

Today was my second visit to this incredible sanctuary.  Lesley Day the founder of Chimps Inc has passionately dedicated her life to helping the lives of these rescued chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees are wild animals that radiate many human like traits and behaviors. I was mesmerized by their colorful eyes and their long dark detailed fingers. Being so close to them even with a fence between us was a very powerful experience for me, one I will alway cherish.

As I watched Herbie and Lesley interact I thought of Jane Goodall and how does she just go out into the jungle and get so close to these strong and powerful creatures who are so immersed in the wild? After watching Lesley  I think  the absence of fear might play a big part as well as having an understanding and respect for these beautiful animals that most closely resemble humans.

A special connection was felt with the chimps while I captured them with my camera. Their eyes drew me in and words were not needed to be spoken to know that they exuded warmth, passion and love just like us.

I can’t imagine what their lives would be like if it wasn’t for Lesley and Chimps Inc. I wonder how different the world would be without Jane Goodall’s love for chimpanzees and all the work she has done and is doing.

I hope these photo will give you a sense of what I saw and felt through my lens.

Lots to go to sleep thinking about tonight. Maybe I will have a dream that I am Jane Goodall and I  am sitting in an african jungle learning from chimpanzees with my camera of course. Time to get manifesting that idea!  Yes I want to go to Africa and photograph these beautiful animals in the wild.

Come support the chimpanzees of the world by hearing from them through Jane Goodall.

To learn more about this event please click HERE.

See you there!

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